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H2 Artwork

Evangeline Chan

Jonathan Tay

Jovi Siah

Evangeline was inspired by biological and natural concepts. Hence, all the parts in the final piece are handmade. The final artwork resembles two neurons, which are both similar and different. Since they both have the same shape and texture but different themes, with one side emphasising life and growth while the other emphasising death and decay. This symbolises the paradoxical ideas in nature which encourages viewers to come to terms with their “imperfections” as it is only natural.

Jonathan was inspired by different architectures and the vibes that they give off. The colours he used are very vibrant and jarring which gives an artificial feeling. The bigger pictures have buildings that are less detailed while smaller pictures have buildings that are more detailed. Shapes of the canvas in the final display are associated with the different architecture and the different canvas sizes and orientation highlights the distinctions between each piece and how the various architecture styles affect behaviour. The geometric shapes and artificial colours used seem man-made and thus less welcoming, which emphasizes how contrived society has become. Arranging the housing buildings at the side while buildings in the centre are more for work shows that careers have become the main part of modern life.

Jovi wanted to explore the portrayal of the love between a mother and her child. He explored various compositions and forms, using numerous techniques and materials, in order to find out which arrangement would best evoke the precious love of a mother for her child. Using a continuous string of wire, He aims to display the everlasting nature of maternal affection. It also allows the viewers to understand and appreciate the process of growth in both the child and love between mother and child.